Help your employees become better communicators, unlock their hidden potential, defeat negativity in the workplace, and discover what makes each of them special through the joy of theater. Just like the acting world, the business world has high stakes, scripts, and everyone plays a crucial part in achieving an objective. Through theater exercises, employees will be able to find their strengths, weaknesses and how to overcome them, figure out their “role,” and how to personally connect to clients, peers, and products.


  • Each session will begin and end with a group warmup or activity.

  • Trust Exercises - To establish a safe, comfortable, nonjudgmental working environment. 

  • Improvisational Exercises - To improve the ability to think on your feet and build a strong foundation with each other.

  • Scene Work - To apply the openness and confidence gained from the earlier exercises and use critical thinking skills while exploring new material in a fun way.   

  • Finally, the employees will use the skills they’ve acquired through these activities to put together a presentation of a product, service, or department report the company currently has or one they think the company would benefit from.

  • Programs can be customized to suit/address your needs in 6-8 week programs, 1-2 day workshops and anything in between.




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